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Take the hassle out of investing by utilising the advances in technology that means an algorithm can make decisions and undertake investments on your behalf. A robo-advisor operates by undertaking investment on an automated basis so that your portfolio of ETFs doesn’t need to be constantly monitored.

Whether you’re new to it or just don’t have the time, automated investing may work for you. A robo-advisor can create a portfolio that will earn without you needing to worry about it. This automated method will allow you to benefit from investment earnings without you needing to undertake any significant research.

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Robo-Advisor Service Explained

If you have little time to deal with your investments or you are simply disinclined to learn about the ins and outs of investing, robo-advisor allows you to get involved without needing to engage too deeply. 

When you instruct a broker to invest on your behalf, you will have to put in a certain amount of effort, be it directing the broker how to act or reviewing your portfolio. In addition, the fees for robo-advisor are likely to be lower than for other investing facilities.

The fee for a Questwealth portfolio is 0.37%, which includes a 0.25% management fee. 

This is variable and depends on how much you invest and for what period the portfolio is maintained, but you can expect to earn up to 30%.

Our ETF portfolios are created by experts so – from the outset – they are designed to do well. However, they are also actively maintained to ensure the returns are maximised and the fees remain low. 

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By considering what you want to achieve from your investments, you can select a portfolio that is most suited to your requirements.