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This is a possibility according to what you choose. A basic policy will only cover the structure of the home against named perils, such as fire or flood. However, by considering a more comprehensive policy, you can also keep your possessions protected. 

Yes. Though many insurance companies will give you a choice of the amount of the deductible, most will require a policyholder at least a minimum deductible. In the event that no deductible is payable, the premium will be much more expensive.

Yes, as long as you inform the insurance company of the item. If you want individual coverage for possessions that are particularly valuable, such as jewelry or artwork, this can be listed in your policy on you advising the insurance company of them.

All policies will have exclusions with the most common one being normal wear and tear, such as a leak that occurs due to lack of maintenance to the guttering. Many insurance companies will also not cover acts of terrorism, though you should review the exclusion clause before taking out a policy.

This sum needs to cover the cost of putting the property back to the way that it was, which can be as high as a total loss. Accordingly, the cost of rebuilding the property should be considered. One of our brokers will be able to advise you about the limit that you need.

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