Free Credit Score Check

The first step in repairing a credit score that is not at its best is checking what you are dealing with, which can be achieved by completing a credit score check.

How to get a free credit score check

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Credit Score Explained

Having a good credit score is not just about the ability to buy goods on credit, it also plays a part in getting a contract for a range of services, such as a mobile contract or utility services. Many companies will undertake a credit check on potential customers and will only provide terms to those with a good credit score.

Yes. Though you do have to provide a certain amount of personal information in order to obtain a credit score check, this is kept securely and will only be used for the purposes of proving your identity and allowing you to access your credit score.

There are many factors that are taken into account in order to determine your credit score. It mainly comes from you paying debts on time, but it also takes into account the total amount of debt, the time each account has been open, credit inquiries and the variety of credit types.

Not necessarily, but it is still a good idea to keep an eye on it to ensure there are no entries that shouldn’t be there, and to prompt you to take action to keep it in good shape.

No. It is possible to make changes that can make your credit score better, even if it isn’t perfect.

When you sign up to get a credit score check through Refresh Financial, you can maintain your financial health and learn what action you need to take to get your credit looking better.